Cougar encounter

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Re: Cougar encounter

Hi Abid,

Thanks for the reply. Good to hear from you. After talking to the wardens I realized they often tranquilize these big cats to add or replace radio collars. Every couple of years they'll recapture a big cat and replace a collar so they can continue to track them.

I always take my camera, although it's much harder on a mountain bike over rugged terrain. I have to pack it away in a protective rack (described above) and that makes it hard to get out. I prefer a rack to carrying a pack when I ride hard, uphill. There were a few more good shots after one of the raners moved his truck out of the way, but I'd already packed away the camera for my downhill ride out and it was getting cool and dark fast. Oh well.

I don't watch much TV, but I read a lot. Yes, we keep dividing the wild spaces up into smaller and smaller blocks of habitat. Small territories do not work for large territorial animals like cougars. Bear need bigger spaces too. We build barriers to animal migration and hunting. We need to go back to these superhighways we've built and add animal bridges.

California is a good bad example of urban sprawl. We keep building wider communities, expanding the coverage of wildlands with homes and shopping malls. The Population is grwoing and the housing market keeps expanding to accommodate them all.

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