FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

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Re: A little help please? (Shooting RAW with FZ200)

Hatstand wrote:

I will need to do some reading, before dipping my toe into the RAW pool... but in the meantime perhaps someone has the answers to a couple of questions? (SirLataxe, I'm lookng at you).

If you shoot RAW, and you preview the results on the rear screen... does it render using your current JPG settings? If so, and you change your JPG settings, does it then change how all your RAW shots appear in the preview?

If you shoot RAW+JPG, and you preview your shots... do you see every shot twice, as you navigate through them all? (ie. both the RAW shot, and the JPG shot?). Or do you only see one of them? If so, which one?

Mr Stand,

Those are good questions to which I (blushingly) admit I don't have the answers.

When one takes RAW-only, I presume the jpeg seen on the camera screen when previewed is the jpeg embedded in the RAW.  But how the camera develops it - the settings it uses - I don't know. Certainly it will use the camera-set WB and EV setting; but I know-not concerning NR, sharpening, saturation et al.

I do know that you can't change the look of this RAW-embedded jpeg with the camera controls, once the pic is taken - not with the FZ200, at least.  (Some posh DSLRs do allow in-camera development of the RAW file with the camera controls into different jpeg renderings).

When one takes a RAW + jpeg then previews, the captured image is seen only once.  What is seen - the RAW-embedded jpeg or the camera-developed (with the camera controls) jpeg?  Again, I don't know.  And are they identical anyway?  I don't know.

When I take RAW + jpeg I often do notice a significant difference in how they look when both are loaded into something like Adobe Bridge. Often the jpeg thumbnail looks brighter than the RAW thumbnail, especially if the image was slightly over-exposed. The RAW thumbnail often shows highlight details when the jpeg thumbnail appears blown.

But this may be due to a default rendering of the RAW file by Bridge, which is also applied to the thumbnail of the RAW.  Or maybe not......

I suppose Bridge might be showing (respectively) a thumbnail extracted from the jpeg embedded in the RAW and a thumbnail extracted from the camera-developed jpeg. If that is the case, then the jpeg embedded in the RAW must be getting developed with different settings than the jpeg developed by the camera.

But all this is wild guessing.  Perhaps there is a guru-man out there who can provide us with the accurate, er, details. In fact, I call on Detailman hisself to expose these mysterious workings for the benefit of all!

SirLataxe, whose ancient eyes probably fail to notice sufficient detail anyway, on a 3" camera LCD.

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