Is a D800 worth $6k?

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Re: Is a D800 worth $6k?

Photo Pete wrote:

Blindman wrote:

Mentioned to my wife several days ago that I'd like to upgrade my D7000 to a D800 which led to the "how much is it" question. To my amazement she said sure, but I get the same amount "no strings attached". So the question is if the D800 is worth $6,000 to upgrade from a D7000 that I have been very happy with. I have a decent assortment on FX lens so that won't be an issue. Mainly shoot wildlife and sports.

You should be pleased that your wife is taking such an interest. Imagine her smiling face when you give her a D800 to match your own "No strings attached"!

Only joking of course.

Just buy it and don't tell her. If she's not interested in photography then it will look just like your D7000 to her and she'll never know!

Interest concept you have regarding a functioning relationship! Have noticed this before on these gear-head-forums, that I buy a new D-tenthousand and my wife will get my old D70 (but the "s" version, right??). I know this is all tongue in cheek, but nevertheless like the wife's approach: There are many ways to have fun!

Regarding the OP: I played with an upgrade to the D800 from my D300 (the "s" version!!) and found during an extensive test and shootout that not only was the pixel count so much higher but I had to up my technical abilities, I found that when I took a photo hand held with the D300s in low light, say around 1/60 I would fail to get sharp images at 1/60 with the D800.I noticed this after some serious pixel chimping on the D800 so knew that I needed faster speeds to get sharp images (yes, I am aware of the physics here!!).

Just a small point I guess, but perceivably so.

If you can, borrow a D800, maybe along with a D7100, might end up being a sad day for your wife, but might find a compromise, trade in the D7000 for a D7100 and then go to Paris, candle light dinner and long walks around Montmartre and Passy ... (just saying there is more to life than gear, what a messy post??)

Good luck to your wife!


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