X Rite Color Passport and DPMx?

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SPP to TIFF, then Argyll to ICC profile the TIFF...

Seanps wrote:

Hi all

I have all three DPMs and enjoy them a great deal. I mostly work in B&W but have been inspired lately to do more color. As there is a lot of discussion regarding color differences across the line I was wondering if anyone had tried this xrite solution for color management. I use their products to manage my monitors and printers but had not used this to create camera profiles.

Any one tried it or something similar in the SPP workflow?

There's two ways to do this sort of thing. Profiling through your workflow (applying correction directly in the raw converter, like you normally do with Adobe or X-Rite tools) and making an "end run" around your raw processor. The former, of course, is high performance, and matched to a limited data target (Lightroom uses "pie slice" profile warping, very cheap to compute the profile, very cheap to apply it, half the computations of an ICC 3-space to 3-space interpolator). That doesn't help us here.

The latter is not that much trouble, as long as you can get to TIFF files relatively painlessly (I'll leave the debate on SPP's "pain level" for another day. For the sake of discussion, we'll call it "sufficient").

Argyll CMS can generate an ICC profile from a number of different targets, including either a standard Macbeth ColorChecker or an X-Rite Passport. Shoot a target in the same light as the images you are planning on profiling (or build a collection of profiling images for different light sources) and it can then embed that profile in your TIFFs, or merge it with any profile already in the TIFF, if SPP is outputting TIFFs with weird profiles embedded). You'll have to learn a couple of command line tricks, or get someone to put it into a script so you can just drop files onto it, but it's doable.

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