Did I make a mistake? (Pentax K-5iis vs Nikon D7100)

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Re: Did I make a mistake? (Pentax K-5iis vs Nikon D7100)

They still haven't added a darned AF button to the D7100.  My biggest gripe about my D7000 is the lack of @#$!@ AF button.  You have to reprogram the AEL/AFL button for that function, but it is a bit hard to reach.

Also, the D7000 only has 9 cross sensor points (same as Pentax) but they are all scrunched into the center of the frame. The D7100 has 15, but they are still smashed in the center of the frame.  They really need to put cross points out towards the rule of third intersections.

This burned me at an event the other day, I tried to focus and my D7000 was not focusing at all, turns out I had bumped the AF point over 1 to one of the only horizontal line sensitive points and the vertical line I was trying to focus on (part of suit) was not a good target.  Since I was in AF-C mode it was happy to take the picture for me anyway, even though it was slightly out of focus (not visible in viewfinder).

If you don't have problems with how your K-5IIs is working I wouldn't go looking for issues.  The grass isn't always greener.  You will figure out if there is some limitation in your gear and if you need to overcome it you will figure out how to do so when the need arises.  The main advantage to the D7100 is probably the 51 pt AF, if you know its limitations (like most of them are those cursed horizontal sensitive only points) and flash system along with overall availability of support and gear, but the Pentax is going to be a great rugged little camera.


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