D7100 substantially better AF than D7000??

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Re: Shuffly nikons

focus shift problem is very real for some lenses, especially large aperture (< f2.8), prime lenses with some worse than other. In particular the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX is notorious for having focus shift and many have reported focus problems with the D7000

The AF problems with the 35 DX seem to be centered on shooting in tungsten light - I`d expect the same issues with the D5200 and D600, both of which use the same AF module as the D7000.. Dunno if the D7100 is affected .. I`ll beware of this when I eventually get this lens (been meaning to grab one for ages, just never got around to it) .

I find the 50 F1.8 AFS to be a good compromise - Yeah, the old screw drive one had no focus shift and didn`t front focus at infinity but it was loaded with halation, CA, PF etc at F1.8 whereas the new lens is not only "usable" wideopen but it`s become an everyday aperture.. the shift in the 1.4 version would be more of a pain and I don`t think this lens is worth the extra over the 1.8 (given the F1.4 performance) as it`s only marginally sharper across the whole aperture range and still exhibits the same negatives.........

lenses have odd properties which will affect some users and not others . for instance the Ultra cheapo (but criminally sharp) Tamron 55-200 DiII Macro front focusses at 55mm when you try to focus at infinity, it`s perfect up to two streets away and perfect everywhere at 200mm .....

This is why Olympus put complex AF adjust in the E3 where you can set lenses at each end of the zoom and you calibrate them inbbetween infinity and close range . I wish Canon and Nikon would get their act together and do this - I`ve seen lenses in both mounts which need adjustment at only one end and even ones which need it in Both directions depending on which end of the zoom . a simple back/front AF adjust isn`t enough thesedays with 24 to 36Mp being pixelpeeped .

My personal opinion is that the AF complaints on this forum regarding the D7000 have been overblown,

Agreed - same for the D800 and now D7100 which is getting a right hammering about left AF sensors etc .. these forums exist for FUD

If there had been an inherent design flaw with the AF module in the D7000, I doubt Nikon would have sold so many D7000's for so long, or used the same AF module in the D600 and D5200 as well.  That would just not make sense at all

True, especially regarding the D600

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