The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Richard Franiec
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Re: For Alf to consider

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

DMillier wrote:

No you're not, you're just making things up to suit your opinion.

I guess the traditional belief about pros is that they only use high quality rugged kit from the majors. This is what you are citing, the "nobody got fired by buying IBM" mantra.

But, there are plenty of pros still using wooden view cameras, or niche alpa technical cameras, specialist pano cameras etc.  Pros use the kit they need to use for the job a hand.  If a pro decides a Sigma works for their needs, they'll use one.

There at least a handful of pros using Sigma that post in this forum and while they may be in the minority, I don't see them as imbeciles.

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Don't get your nickers in a twist...

I think that David is not the one who gets his nickers in a twist...

I'm not talking about the miniscule handful of pros on here who are also Sigma/Foveon enthuiasts,  I'm talking about the other 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of dyed in the wool pros out there who currently use pro Canon cameras, pro Nikon cameras, pro Hasselblad cameras, pro Pentax 645 cameras etc.   Do you really think any of them would be stupid enough to throw their existing pro kit away in favour of the SD1M?   Maybe if they had severe brain damage after receiving massive head trauma after a car crash, otherwise, it ain't never gonna happen!

Obviously, SD1 would not be a good replacement for action or sport shooting pros but it could be a lightweight substitute for high resolution format in studio or landscape photography. Well, maybe not for "professional" passport photo studios where most P$S can do the job, but for detail demanding applications.

I'm positive that many pro's would consider SD1 as a second camera  for specific applications with all known quirks and performance/feature/post processing shortcomings except one: the SA mount. This is in my mind the most limiting factor in use of already acquired C/N lenses, some of them better than Sigma's own offerings. If Sigma is planning to release of new SD camera, providing it in most popular mounts, could propel their DSLR's to much higher demand level. Not sure if they've considered such scenario, or it will ever happen.

Last but not least we should control our emotions in voicing our opinions, since on end, emotional opinion is always "worth" less than the more balanced one.



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