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Re: Sony provides so much more!

headfirst wrote:

* e.g. Nikon generally produces (not necessarily sells) around 5000 PC lenses  of a length/design over many years versus annual DSLR production of over 4 million. That's probably something like .03% or less as a sales ratio.

Hey pal. I'm not sure where the numbers come from. Nikon and Canon have been making PC lenses for quite a few years in many various focal lengths. I would guess it would come to more than 5000 sold by Nikon alone, but you might be right. I don't know. I would think more like 5,000 per year. The current 24 is considered one of the best landscape lenses on can purchase, allowing you to change the plane of focus. This allows one to get the flower a few feet in front in focus as well as the mountains miles away using the Scheimpflug principle. This is a mainstay of view and field camera photography. One must use a tilt shift lens to take advantage of this in SLR photography.

Also, tilt shift lenses are a near requirement for architectural photography. Correcting perspective can be done by software but many consider it more exacting to use perspective control in the optic. It's extremely useful and a no-brainer in many architecture photographer's dslr kit. This is another reason sales of only 5,000 copies over the years seems incorrect. Again, I don't know.

The use of tilt shift lenses also play heavily in professional product photography and is why there are a couple of telephoto macro and normal macro choices by both Nikon and Canon which can tilt and shift. By using the Scheimpflug principle, you can get the entire product in focus even at very close focusing ranges. A necklace of pearls comes to mind. Without these lenses, this type of photography is again, limited to view cameras which have tilt and shift movements.

So, I agree with you the average amateur doesn't need PC type lenses, but there are many professionals or advanced landscape photographers who use them as a matter of course.


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Cheers, Craig
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