Bugs in new Q firmware?

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Re: Bugs in new Q firmware?

DS21 wrote:

awaldram wrote:

Jack Simpson wrote:

DS21 wrote:

Except, in this case it changed to nill at the moment it froze, it was two bars before that. Not convinced it should be that way.

Ah ... that's not so good then :o   Hope it all works out soon


All this seems to show the little battery can't take high drain when in a depleted state.

Just like  any other camera if the battery is low and you try to AF / take video or any other high current action can and will cause the cpu to lock out.

It may be wrong but the symptoms seem right.

It does indicate the battery meter may be optimistic or a 3rd party battery was in use ?

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It was the original battery, which for some reason lasts less shots then Fuji NP-50 battery, which is physically exactly the same. Your theory seems plausible, from now on I will use just Fuji batteries to see if maybe the original battery is defective and somehow causing it (by collapsing under stronger current drain). My Q freezes sometimes even when battery is full, and I almost always use it with the original battery.

I can honestly say - thus far - I haven't experienced any of these or other problems with 1.11

As for batteries, I cannot say if the Fuji is better since I do not have an X-10. However I did buy 5 super inexpensive (less than $2 each) aftermarket batteries on ebay... and with the exception of one, they all perform as good as the OEM!

Fuji batteries are great, I have a lot of them from various cameras, and they all keep charge for very long time even when not used, even 1 year or more is not a problem. Not the case with aftermarket ones, or the Pentax battery in Q.

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