default setting in menu for af fine tuning?

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jwaif wrote:

Check the Nikon User Manual page 270 for the D7100 under List saved values "to choose an identifier that is the same as the last two digits of the lens serial number to distinguish it from other lenses of the same type in light of the fact that Saved value can be used with only one lens of each type".


That's lets the user know which lens he set the fine tune value for if he has more than one copy of the same renaming the slot in the menu. Like a sticky note. It doesn't change how many unique slots there are or allow the camera body to recognize different samples of the same lens.  You can decide to call slot "1" (which has your 24-120 f4 setting of -4 in it) slot "63" to match the serial number of the lens you fine tuned. When you mount another copy of the 24-120 on...slot "63" will come up and the same -4 will get applied. The "63" lets you know (not the camera) what copy of the 24-120 you fine tuned with.

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