D7100 substantially better AF than D7000??

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Re: Shuffly nikons

AdamT wrote:


Another thing to note is lens behaviour - some of the new AFS-G primes seem to suffer focus shift (they rear focus as you stop them down) as have other lenses in the past and the 50 F1.8G for instance front focusses at infinity as well as that (so don`t go setting up the AF at F1.8 by shooting houses across the road as it`ll rear focus across a room) . the old screw drive 50s behaved normally ----- err but were pretty crap wideopen - it` s a compromise. Learn ya lenses before blaming the camera

You hit on something that I was going to mention Adam. The lens focus shift problem is very real for some lenses, especially large aperture (< f2.8), prime lenses with some worse than other. In particular the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX is notorious for having focus shift and many have reported focus problems with the D7000. Fortunately only one of my lenses seem to exhibit the focus shift behavior, and that is the 85mm Micro Nikkor, which, strangely enough, is not  a large aperture lens. The focus speed and accuracy with my 60mm f2.8 Micro Nikkor is outstanding though, even in dim light. I also noticed that lenses with large amounts of CA do not focus as well when using the periphery focus points.

Something else that may help. My salesman at my local camera shop that sold me my D7000 recommended using an air blaster in the mirror box (shutter closed), to keep focus sensors sensors clean and free from dust. I don't know if it helps, but I regualry use an air blaster in the mirror box as part of my camera's maintenance.

My personal opinion is that the AF complaints on this forum regarding the D7000 have been overblown, and are not a generic problem, but body or body/lens specific problems, and in some cases, user error and lack of understanding how the AF works with different settings. I also spotted some obvious trolls  that had initially forgotten to change the EXIF (one Sony and one Pentax), on their fake D7000 photos. I have to admit that some of these trolls were very convincing though!

If there had been an inherent design flaw with the AF module in the D7000, I doubt Nikon would have sold so many D7000's for so long, or used the same AF module in the D600 and D5200 as well.  That would just not make sense at all.

- Jon

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