Actor Headshot From Today's Shoot

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Re: Actor Headshot From Today's Shoot

h317 wrote:

Nice shot.

I am just learning and have a question. From the catch lights in her eyes, I think the beauty dish was placed on the subject's left high (not too high) position. You said you placed a reflector panel on her left side on the floor. Just wondering why you chose to place the reflector AND the main light on the same side. Or maybe I was wrong guessing the light positiion?

I probably was not clear enough in my description.

The main/key light is slightly above her eye level and to her left.  There were two white reflector panels used.  One was a large, self-standing panel immediately to her right and just out of the frame. In other words, it was quite close to her.  The second was on the floor to capture any light that wanted to bounce off of the natural wood floor.  The reflector on the floor did not do much at all, and I simply wanted to capture any light that wanted to bounce off of the floor.

Shooting someone with glasses offers some challenges due to the reflections that can appear on the glasses.  I am not one who believes in removing the glass from the glasses, so I manipulate the lighting arrangement to accommodate for the glass.  In this case, I wanted to clearly see her eyes, so I placed the main/key light in a place where the facial modeling was good and the glass did not pick up any reflections from the light modifier.

White reflectors bounce light all over the place, and I like to work with them for that reason.  I like working with reflector panels because they give me incredible control over the quality and amount of bounced light.

I hope this additional information helps.

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