The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Lin Evans wrote:

Hi Alf,

I'm afraid you don't understand professional photographers very well. No one "throws their existing pro kit away" at all. They simply add new tools. Over the forty plus odd years I've made a pretty good living with my cameras I've never "thrown" anything away in favor of something else and neither have my peers. As new technology becomes available which works to make our jobs easier or more profitable, we adopt those things which work best. It is not and never has been an "either/or" situation.

Perhaps he was thinking of "advanced amateurs" since they often have to sell their old gear in order to buy new gear. Even if they aren't changing systems, they just need the money from selling the old Nikon D3 to buy a new Nikon D4.

When we amateurs change to a new system, then everything must go. You just can't have $6,000 invested in gear we won't be using.

A pro is more likely to keep that old camera as a backup, or for occasional use. It is very common for some pros to use BOTH Canon and Nikon, plus even Leica and a MILC camera too. Different tools for different purposes.

You really can't get top dollar for for a Nikon D3 with 140,000 shutter clicks on it. If you see one for sale with 12,000 clicks... odds are it was owned by an amateur. Plus a pro can write off depreciation as a business expense. Amateurs can't do that.

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