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Re: D600 jpegs optimization

Starred wrote:

I have both a D600 with (ao) a 85/1.8G lens and Olympus EM5 with (ao) a 45/1.8 lens.

I tried to do some jpeg comparisons, just to get an idea of the differences. So I shot the D600 at iso200/F4 and the EM5 at iso200/F2 (I tought these settings should give me about the same exposure).

When I compare the jpegs (not talking about RAW here) on my ipad3, the EM5 is noticeably  sharper. I never expected this much difference, as I was under the impressions (e.g. based on the DP review of the D600) that the D600 jpegs were supposed to be very good as well.

Are there any settings that I need to change to give me somewhat better jpegs out of the D600?

I have a D600 and I used to shoot a lot with Olympus.  I can say without hesitation the OOC JPGs from my Olys of 4-5 years ago were better.  I realize this is a subjective evaluation, but to my eye that was/is the case.

As a few have pointed out, you can experiment with the picture style settings, and even save custom style settings.  If you want "punchier" JPGs like your Oly, increase the sharpening and saturation (or use the "Vivid" setting.  I would be careful with increasing contrast as you will blow out highlights more easily.  This is also true for the Vivid setting.  The best advice is to play with the pic style settings and find a combo that works for you.

Also, play with JPG compression and file size settings, you may not always need 24MP of res.  If you do want the full res, then learn to play with the RAW files, you will get more detail and color resolution.  After a while your eye will be able to see the differences easily, if at first they are not obvious.

Have fun!

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