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Have a look at the bundle savings at Sony.com

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danny006 wrote:

From what I've seen on imaging resource, the A58 does a slightly better job than the A57, more detail and less noise, what more do you want ? Especially at the very attractive price point.

Make sure you get a good lens with it, try to avoid the kitlenses.

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All the A58s seem to come with the kit (18-55).  I have not seen any "body only" cams on the market.  I do like an all in one for basic walk around and would consider the Sony 18-135.  Would I be better off with the 16-105 or ?  I would probably pick up several primes and/or something in the 17-50 range 2.8 constant.  I do need and want a WA zoom (sigma 10-20 or ?).  I do not shoot much telephoto, but I would probably pick up a Tamron 70-300 or ?. Please keep in mind that I am on a limited budget and whatever I do will be funded by sale of some Nikon equipment.  All this hinges on viewing image samples, reading reviews and (hopefully) handling the camera before purchase (nothing is worse then the regret you feel when you buy a camera and find out that you just don't want to take it along.  It is kind of like a pair of shoes that neither fit nor are comfortable).

All question marks are open for opinion and advise.  Again, my budget is fairly limited and there is no sense discussing glass that cost more then $700.00.  As far as primes, is there any old Minolta glass I should consider?

Have a look at the Sony website. They have bundle savings if you choose the A58 plus lens plus accessory.

Here's an example:

The 18-135 lens is a good allrounder. Optically, the 16-105 is similar but trades in some tele reach for a bit of extra wideangle, costs 40% more when bought separately, plus isn't part of the savings program mentioned above and is a bit heavier than the 18-135.

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