Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

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I've done a lot of research concerning Micro 4/3.  I thought of getting the Panasonic GH3, but am not satisfied with the quality of photo against say the new Nikon d7100.  So does a DSLR produce better quality photo's, or have I not seen good photo's from a Micro 4/3?  I really like the Micro 4/3, but my main interest is in the quality of the photo.  Thanks for your help!

I recommend using the sensor ratings at DxOMark to evaluate image sensor qualities.

And if you do that, you'll see the following.

Best m4/3: Olympus  E-PL5, score 72 (OMD and GH3 have 71)

Best APS:   Nikon D5200, score 83

Best Canon APS: 7D, 60D, score 66

Which indicates that the best APS sensors are better than the best m4/3 sensors. But the best m4/3 are better than the best APS from a very big manufacturer as Canon.

I know many people who think 7D is an excellent camera and I think they are right. Still the best m4/3 have a potential to give a little better IQ. In normal use you won't see any differences but if you pixelpeep there is an obvious difference.

As the best m4/3 cameras obviously share sensor technology with the best APS cameras it's mainly the bigger size of the sensor that makes the difference.

Canon is lagging behind a little in sensor development, but they will surely soon keep up to the highest standards and then all current APS will be better than all current m4/3. But the differences are so small that they hardly mean anything in practical use. You can choose m4/3 or APS and feel safe that the IQ differences are too small to take notice about.

The important differences are OVF - EVF, size and weight (especially lenses) and the ability of focus tracking. Not much more.

To achieve a significant IQ increase from m4/3, you have to go FF, not APS. And even that can be put under discussion, as can be seen in various threads here.

Thank you for expounding on my answer, I was expecting more criticism. But I think this does answer the question the OP was asking.

Of course, you can take really lousy photos with very expensive cameras, and I could point to  many posts on the m43 forum to demonstrate that, and there are some very engaging photos on Instagram taken with iPhones.

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