The (in)significance of resolution

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Re: The (in)significance of resolution

I've been shooting the (lower resolution) SD15 and the (higher resolution) DP2Merrill side by side on florals over the past days. I believe I certainly do see more resolution on-screen in the detail of the flower surfaces on the DP2M than the SD15. That was true too of the transition of the SD10 to the SD14/15/DP2/DP1 sensor and now the Merrill sensor.

Now whether this increase of detail is visible on paper at various sizes is another question.

Yes, resolution is significant, but how significant depends upon the a) subject b) how you're preparing the file c) whether you're cropping etc.

I hope to get these photos processed today. I've been experimenting with the old 55-200mm lens vs the 70-200mmEX lens in good light. The 55-200mm seems to hold up well in sharpness, I emphasize in good light. I used it one year at Death Valley in dim dawn light and it was awful... haven't since then, but I'm really digging through my photo bags for lens options for our Hawaii trip... something with more 'reach' than I normally use. So I thought I'd try it on the SD15 and it seems to have made the cut.

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