I really like Dye-Sublimation printers. Any larger ones?

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Re: I really like Dye-Sublimation printers. Any larger ones?

vjk2 wrote:

Hugowolf wrote:

vjk2 wrote:

I picked up a Canon CP900 recently.

I love this thing. Incredible printer.

But max size is 4x6.

Do there exist dye sub printers that can print to larger sizes?

Like say, 6x9?

And aren't prohibitively expensive? The CP900 is like $80, but other dye sub printers I've seen are like $1500

There is a HiTi for about US$750 that does 6 x 9 inch prints.

Brian A

Yeah, that's too high.

Just kinda perplexed that there isn't like a $150-$200 price point for dye-subs with larger prints/quality.

Ink jets have won the larger format market because the technology just scales up so much easier.  Want to make bigger prints?  Put the printer head on a bigger rail and add a bigger paper feed mechanism.  With dye-sublimation you have to make special dye rolls for each paper size and on those days when your customer is only printing 8x10s on his 13x19 printer he will be wasting a massive amount of dye for each print, or dealing with the hassle of cutting prints down from a large sheet.

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