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Re: Sony provides so much more!

123Mike wrote:

You know why these types of threads turn nasty? It is because of aggressively arrogant self entitled superiority complex people like you and a few other here.

Mike, you're by far the most aggressive contributor in this thread.

I point out a number of things that the Sony does that the rest does not. The answer is that whatever I brought up is all just a bunch of meaningless crap. This included things like shooting at 10 and 12 fps by the way. But oohhh noooo, it isn't acknowledged at all. The answers are straw man arguments, where the subject it changed, and then that is attacked.

So the lens topic comes up. I point out how there are many many very good lenses to pick from in the Alpha world. And that one with an Alpha does not at all have to feel that you're stuck with a too limited restricted set.

So what happens then? I just happened to not know what a TS lens is. A tilt shift lens. Very neat. So how is this treated. With an attitude like "you're so inferior, you're such an idiot, you're so stupid". You know what? I'm sick and tired of arrogant people like you. It just absolutely sucks in Canon and Nikon world. Nothing can be said that makes it seem that there are alternatives that are better. It is responded to with attitudes, twists, distortions, straw mans, insults, holier than thous, cherry picking, and all the rest of it.

But that's one of the cruxes of the matter. You accuse me and others to deny the advantages that Sony has. And, believe me or not, I do agree that Sony has quite technologically advanced cameras nowadays, with an edge over Canon and Nikon.

But, while you accuse us of ignoring these aspects, you seem to ignore and /or dismiss the advantages that other brands have over Sony. In the specific, lens systems. You talk about us conveniently ignoring facts, but you are dismissive about some facts yourself.

It seems to me that you're fairly alone in considering the Sony lens line-up on par with Canon's and Nikon's The fact that you made a number of mistakes and used a dismissive narrative did not help your argument. At all. You may argue that most of the lenses listed are quite specialty items, which is true, but it's also a proof of the superior coverage that these systems enjoy due to the longer time Canon and Nikon have been investing in creating these systems. Sony might get there eventually, as they do have good lenses, but not the same coverage, at least not now.

You people are just flat out awful!

Fine. I am guilty of having dismissed your dismissive retort. True. But, again, you're the one calling people names, much more than anyone else.

There I've spoken my mind. I doubt this will change your tone, but maybe you will surprise me? Who knows.

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