xz-2 vs rx100

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Re: xz-2 vs rx100

I agree that the XZ-2 is a very nice camera to use. Although I do like slim cameras like the RX100 for their portability, they do not feel that comfortable as the XZ-2 when taking pictures. Also camera settings can be adjusted very easily, and the flip screen as well as the hot shoe are welcome additions.

I don’t agree with the quality at higher ISO values. Noise is noticeable at ISO 400, where I had hopes that ISO 800 would even be OK. But it is probably the state of the art for 1/1.7 inch sensors, as other models seem to give comparable results. When I look at Dpreview tests, the RX100 performs a stop better.

And finally the audio part is crap. Olympus built a low quality internal microphone, but hurray…they offer a nice slim external alternative with a lot better audio quality, the SEMA-1. What a disappointment when I heard a constant background noise, caused by continuously autofocus in video mode. I wonder if the RX100 has the same issue.

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