Fuji X100s seems to have abyssal IQ at close range and f2

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Re: Fundamental misunderstanding

well stated.  I do understand that there is a constant search by many for the perfect camera. Sample photos are just one (not very good) way to make decisions.

Even with the incredible capabilities of today's digital cameras practice is still required to get the most out of them.  Learn a tools strengths and if it fits your needs then use it for those strengths.  Macro or shallow DOF?  With a 23mm lens?  Seriously?  Not the correct tool.  I've found that macro work with under a 100mm equivalent is a study in frustration.  Most of my "experience" is in trying to keep the camera shadow out of the image.

although I've used many RF cameras over the years what I really loved was the bright optical finder.  I really could care less about how it focused.  The RF style has the added bonus of being quite a bit smaller.  Turns out that this is quite important in day to day use.  I purchased the X-100 because so many of my peers always seemed to have theirs with them.  Now, it's the camera that I almost always grab as I go out the door. That and my iPhone.  Each a remarkable imager.  One in my shirt pocket the other in a coat pocket.

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