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Re: Street ptography attempt - many photos

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These are some of my attempts to street photography and some for night photography,,, most of them shot with sel50mmF1.8 and PPed to my taste... i hope you like them.

C&C are highly appreciated

OP: How do you achieve that "look" clearly visible in the first shot above... you are dodging and burning and saturating certain areas? Very very impressive.

@ijustloveshooting: Congratulations on your excellent shots! I also would be interested what PP you applied to the first shot above. Many thanks in advance!


In this photo, lightning was really good, coming from inside of the cafe...what i did is playing with levels on PS to add some darkness to reveal good light on the man..also vignetted corners to take attention on the man and removing some unwanted objects at the edges...

After than this, added some sharpness and played with colors to create some dramatic tones.

that's it :)... I'm glad you liked them.

thank you for explaining. you played with overall levels and colors? or used brushes to bring out areas? If the former, then it's a wonderful basic shot already.

Is there any chance you could post the original of this first shot and a few others, of the more dramatically lit ones??

your shots are rightly getting ALOT of attention. Us mere mortals would love to get to grips with how you achieved them

hello, right now, i'm at work and after quit, i'll go to gym, in other words, i'll be at home late..but will try to post the original.....i also use photo effects software which has some cool effects...try it.

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