Does M4/3 or DSLR produce higher quality photo's

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If you shoot both, and think there is no difference...Hmmm...

MrScorpio wrote:

I use my Canon 6D when I need optimum IQ and shallow DOF or extreme low ligh capability.

But FF for travel? In most cases no.

And in reality the difference between the 6D and the OMD is so small that it is my own skills that limits me, not the gear.

Actually the difference between the 6D and the OMD is pretty large if you are talking low-light photography. The Canon 6D is hands down better in low-light with less noisy images at any given ISO.

DxOMark OMD - 6D - D7100 Comparison

The 6D, as a FF DSLR, also has far better DOF control producing more shallow DOF at any given aperture.

Ultimate IQ, go FF. Ultimate portability, go omd.

OMD vs 7100? OMD wins easily!! Hands down IMO.

The OMD is smaller than the D7100, but it's doesn't have better IQ than the D7100 which is close to class leading in all categories (high ISO, DR, or color depth).

The OMD also does not have a better AF system than a D7100,  so where size is not a concern, the D7100 would actually be a better choice.

Re: ultimate portability, if the camera is not pocketable (i.e., you need a camera bag to carry it), then why not carry the more robust body with far better ergonomics and grip?  Personally when I'm out in the field with my tripod, I'd rather have a camera with deeper grip like the GH3 or D7100.  And in winter, if you can't change settings with gloves on, then the body you are using is too small.  That's why all professional DSLR (D4 or 1DX) have large, oversized buttons for ISO, WB, etc.

For ultimate portability with superb IQ something like an Sony RX100 or Nikon Coolpix A would be great choices.  The RX100 has IQ that's not quite as good as the OMD, but as a truly pocketable camera, it's far more portable.  The Coolpix A as a fixed lens camera is not quite a versatile as an ILC, but it's pocketable and IQ is as good or better than the OMD.

Side note: I really want to like the OMD (have even considered buying one) but fanboy posts like this one make it really hard.  

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