**How to Photograph A Vase and Unwrap/Flatten the Image

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Re: **How to Photograph A Vase and Unwrap/Flatten the Image

Victor Engel wrote:

Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

Get one of the automatic revolving jewelry display stands. I paid $4 for mine on ebay some while back. It takes AA batteries and takes 90 seconds to do a revolution.

Put your camera into video mode, taking 1080p video.

Video the vase for exactly 90 seconds.

Strip out the individual frames of the video. At 30 fps there should be 2,700.

Get photoshop to stitch the 2,700 images together but do it in batches of say 5 at a time. It will take most of a day.

et voila - a really nice flat image of the vase.

You might want to put a mask up so only a slit is visible at any one time. This makes the stitching easier. Or you could batch-crop in photoshop.

This is similar to the idea I had of using a scanning camera. However, instead of the camera rotating to capture the whole scene, the subject is rotated.

If you're only going to expose a slit, your method could be modified by carefully rotating the camera while the vase is being rotated. Setup may take a while, but the whole image could be made in a single exposure.

Instead of viewing through a mask, try illuminating the vase with a slit light source.

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Victor Engel

I will try both these methods.  I would like to figure out the best way, as I know I will be asked to more of these, so I'd like to find a solution that fits best.

Thanks for all the help!!


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