**How to Photograph A Vase and Unwrap/Flatten the Image

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Re: **How to Photograph A Vase and Unwrap/Flatten the Image

Victor Engel wrote:

Just like mapping the globe, there are probably many ways to do this. You might find a better solution at a computer graphics site than a photography site. The amount of work it takes will probably depend in part on the complexity of the shape of the vase.

If the vase is a perfect cylinder, it should be quite easy, if tedious. Various panorama software products out there could assist you.

One common way to do this sort of thing with computer graphics software is to lay a grid of some kind in a known pattern over the object. You have a known transform from the grid to the flat representation of it. You then simply interpolate the image between the grid points.

If the vase is not simply a cylinder, wrapping it, even with plain, unprinted paper can be problematic. If that's the final goal, I'd suggest solving that problem first. If you can wrap the vase in plain paper, then photograph it in the same pattern that the paper is wrapped to get a mapping of the image with the least amount of distortion.

It might help if you provided more detail on how this project is supposed to work.

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Victor Engel

Oh, thank you - I will try the grid method!  That could help. Thats how I paint, so why wouldn't it work for this?

Thank you victor!


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