Fuji X100s seems to have abyssal IQ at close range and f2

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Re: Fundamental misunderstanding

CraigArnold wrote:


The X100 + X100S had their genesis in the love that many camera lovers and old style photographers had for the 35mm rangefinders of old.

Leicas, Konica Hexars, Contax/Zeiss, Canonet, Yashika, Minolta, Nikon M, Voigtlander, etc, etc. There were lots, mostly popular in the 60s, and mostly supplanted by the SLR with its many advantages. Many of these cameras had fixed 35mm or 40mm lenses.

But not everyone prefers SLRs for every situation or style of shooting. A surprising number people were and still are shooting 35mm film in the old rangefinder (or new rangefinder) film cameras. But there was no affordable digital option for people who loved the rangefinder style of shooting.

The X100 was made specifically with those people in mind. It's not a rangefinder, but it's a reboot of the concept, and struck peoples imagination as a digital version of the Konica Hexar or Contax G.

NOBODY. Was shooting MACRO with those cameras. The minimum focus distance was normally around 1m. ALMOST NOBODY was trying to use them as thin DOF portrait cameras, the few that were were doing if for special effect. No, they were documentary cameras. Favored by Magnum photographers and many professional photographers who used SLRs all day but wanted a high-quality PERSONAL camera to carry everywhere that was good enough to get the Pulitzer shot if they happened to stumble onto the right situation when on a night out.

So when the Fujifilm CEO commissioned this camera (the first X100 that rolled of the production line went straight to him) it was not for people who had grown up on digital P&S or DSLRs. They were not the target market. It was made for people who couldn't afford a digital Leica M.

But thousands of internet "experts" decided that an f2 lens and APS-C sensor (which were chosen to allow low-light documentary photography) would be good for Macro photography or portraits with shallow DOF. These people, needless to say, are completely and utterly clueless, but what can you do? It didn't stop them from buying the camera (good for Fuji and the rest of us) but when it didn't do what they want, instead of blaming themselves for buying the wrong camera they blamed Fujifilm for making a camera which didn't do what (in their ignorance) they thought they were buying.

The people who knew what the X100 was made for loved it from the start, and still love it today.

Remember almost everyone had abandoned the Rangefinder in favour of the SLR back in the film days. These cameras were designed for a specific group of people.

Well and perfectly stated.

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