FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

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Re: FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

Hatstand wrote:

Speaking only for myself...

Although I have little (OK, nothing :-P) to contribute, I follow all these "settings" threads with interest. I am not looking for a single "one-size-fits-all" setup... rather a small collection of setups that a) suit my most often-encountered scenarios, and b) that I can instantly call up via the mode dial. ie. Tweaked defaults for the standard modes, and saved custom setups.

That makes sense to me.  Long ago, when I first got a digital camera (a Canon G5) I too used jpegs and tried to find a small group of camera settings for various kinds of photo.  The Canon G5 allowed the saving of 2 of these setting-combinations to the C1 & C2 dial positions.  As you say, this saves a lot of time - and the FZ200 has four such "C-ustom" positions.

However, as I became familiar with digital photography attributes, I found that I needed a dozen or more different permutations of camera control settings.... to cover the various photographic conditions.  Eventually I discovered RAW and the ability to apply such settings (as many or as few as I liked) after rather than before taking the photo. And, of course, the dozens of RAW-engine equivalents to the camera dial "Custom" settings - the tastes, profiles or presets, as they are variously called. One click cooks the RAW files instantly to one of dozens of possible flavours.

These threads save me a huge amount of testing, and I am extremely grateful to the selfless individuals who share their results here - I'm sure I am not the only one who appreciates this valuable service.

Agreed - even I, a RAW-bore and pixel-peeping obsessive, find these threads to be useful, since the FZ200 does take very good jpegs when one gets the camera settings right.  My digs at St Michael are partly just sport (not yet illegal but probably will be soon, as it may be kruel).

But what I'm really trying to get at is an understanding of why there are all these camera settings for jpegs many of which seem of no practical use.  Does anyone ever use NR = +2, for example (or any +2s)?  If so, why, as it seems to degrade the images badly.

Which begs the question: why does Panasonic put these control values in and where is the manual to explain the photographic circumstances in which various of these values may or may not be appropriate?

I never shoot RAW (really, can't be bothered), and I prefer to minimise PP... but any photos I share will always involve some PP. It might be as simple as reduce-and-sharpen to post on the web, tweaking curves, etc... but occasionally it might be something more sophisticated eg. HDR processing using exposure bracketed shots, stacking a 12-shot burst to increase detail and kill noise, etc.

Well I always take RAW images (sometimes with a jpeg) as it's actually less bother to develop them than it is jpegs, especially if the image turns out not to be ideal.  I fear you have fallen for the pernicious "RAW is difficult & time-consuming" myth.  Did I mention those presets & profiles ("C" dial settings in disguise)? 

Bearing in mind I that might end up spending some time on PP, I especially like to minimise haloes from in-camera sharpening, that may be exaggerated by PP, and I'll accept more noise (that I can fix somewhat in PP) if it means less smeared detail (that I can't fix in PP).

What can I say?  I know:  "RAW; Silkypix V5".  Wunnerful at NR and sharpening. :->

Having said that, probably 80% of my photos are just "we were here" snapshots, taken using iA. That is my basic "catch all" setup, and I'm generally happy with it - I'm not into pixel-peeping and I don't make giant prints.

Each to his own; I'm the same with a Bicycle as with a camera, though - can't get on it without riding it at full tilt and to the limit of it's techie bits & pieces (and my heart rate).  I pass many a lad & lass just pootling along.  Of course, they are not all sweaty, tired-oot and fretting about the thigh-ache.  They also have time to look at the scenery.

Only the remaining 20% of my photos I deem worthy of some kind of pre/post effort. And even then, I want to do as much of the setup tweaks as I can in advance. It's great if I can just call up some suitable saved settings using only the mode dial... so when I'm out and about I just compose and take the shot - without spending time twiddling settings.

(Fetches out drum and well-worn drumstick once more).  You don't like twiddling before taking a photo?  RAW, my boy.  RAW!

SirLataxe, trying to avoid the FZ200 photo-styles menu too.

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