Life goes on (85mm f/1.4g shot)

Started Apr 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
markprincess Regular Member • Posts: 115
Re: Life goes on (85mm f/1.4g shot)

RSchussel wrote:

Its a nice shot but I dont understand why you are paying this lens if most of your shots are not wide open. The 85mm F1.8G would seem more realistic .

Why do people get so worked up over the 85 1.4G? Always trying to prove the owner was at the very least not using all his faculties when he could have purchased the almost as good, perfectly good enough 85 1.8G. It has to be the worst case of lens envy in the internet forum era.

Just chill people, there are those of us who want the very best and will pay for it.

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