xp hang up

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tcg550 Veteran Member • Posts: 6,629
Re: xp hang up

Sounds like the hard drive.

How old is the computer? Refurbished ide drives are cheap(under 30 bucks). SATA drives can be had for under 50 bucks.

What version of XP? If you have the license key ask your friends, family members, strangers to borrow a disk with the same version and install on a new drive.

I'm doing this even as we speak for a friend. 2005 Dell laptop with XP Professional. 20 bucks for a drive and back in business.

Depending what you use the computer for XP is still a perfectly good operating system.

Or put in a new drive and get an updated operating system. Just double check with the manufacture to be sure they have drivers for any hardware.

Us people on budgets rescue old computers all the time on the cheap.

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