Well, I finally got them (R3880 & V700)

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Re: A year on from OP... really useful discussion

Sorry about the abortive message a moment ago. Finger slipped on ipad.

Stumbled across this helpful discussion while researching R3000 vs Canon pro 10 or 100.

worries about cartridge size and restrictive media sizes / margins on the canons were pushing me towards the R3000 despite it being the most expensive of the 3 options and not likening the cost of switching between blacks.  But this thread has made me think about going a substantial step further to the 3880.

I print modest quantities of card stock in a variety of sizes, and want to be able to go beyond the A4 print limitation of the reasonably competent MP970 I have at present.

With over a year if experience under your belts, how are you R3880 users felling now?  And have you seen any other contenders I should be seriously considering?



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