Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

danijel973 wrote:

One of the main reasons why I no longer shoot film is that with film, there are too many variables outside my influence. The film can go bad.

Keep the film fresh? Use it within 2-3 years of purchase? that is within your influence.

The chemicals in the lab can go bad. The lab can do a lousy job.

The chemicals can't go 'bad' in a lab if a lab doesn't use replenishment or does a poor job you need a new lab. That is within you control.

Also, my current film scanner, Epson 4990 flatbed, is not very good for 35mm; the scans are too soft, and scanning through a day's catch is slow and tiresome.

Sounds like you picked the wrong tool for the job, dedicated scanners do a better one. Also years ago people printed films. No need to scan though 'a days' catch just scan the ones you want as keepers.

With digital, I get "perfect scans", the process of culling is very simple and I can focus on the one or two shots I'll really use.

You can do this with film too.

This means that digital frees me from all the non-photographic fuss which I never liked anyway, but unfortunately, the result is that I miss that feeling of working with that perfect slide.

Perfect slide? would shooting a roll free you from all the fuss.

But digital gave me the kind of photographic independence I always dreamed about. A camera and a computer are all I need now. I never have to endure disappointment of looking at the stuff I got from the lab and thinking how they should all get fired for the lousy job they did.

So now you have to own a camera and a computer, where years ago you needed a camera and film (and a decent lab).

Your choice of a lousy lab was YOUR choice, not all of us made that choice and some of us look back at Kodachromes we made in the 1970's or have prints on the walls we are proud of.

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