FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

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Re: FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

SirLataxe wrote:

Are you looking for "the single & best" set of FZ200 settings for NR, sharpness et al; or are you trying to find different permutations of these controls to suit different photographic subjects & scenarios?

Speaking only for myself...

Although I have little (OK, nothing :-P) to contribute, I follow all these "settings" threads with interest. I am not looking for a single "one-size-fits-all" setup... rather a small collection of setups that a) suit my most often-encountered scenarios, and b) that I can instantly call up via the mode dial. ie. Tweaked defaults for the standard modes, and saved custom setups.

These threads save me a huge amount of testing, and I am extremely grateful to the selfless individuals who share their results here - I'm sure I am not the only one who appreciates this valuable service.

I never shoot RAW (really, can't be bothered), and I prefer to minimise PP... but any photos I share will always involve some PP. It might be as simple as reduce-and-sharpen to post on the web, tweaking curves, etc... but occasionally it might be something more sophisticated eg. HDR processing using exposure bracketed shots, stacking a 12-shot burst to increase detail and kill noise, etc.

Bearing in mind I that might end up spending some time on PP, I especially like to minimise haloes from in-camera sharpening, that may be exaggerated by PP, and I'll accept more noise (that I can fix somewhat in PP) if it means less smeared detail (that I can't fix in PP).

Having said that, probably 80% of my photos are just "we were here" snapshots, taken using iA. That is my basic "catch all" setup, and I'm generally happy with it - I'm not into pixel-peeping and I don't make giant prints.

Only the remaining 20% of my photos I deem worthy of some kind of pre/post effort. And even then, I want to do as much of the setup tweaks as I can in advance. It's great if I can just call up some suitable saved settings using only the mode dial... so when I'm out and about I just compose and take the shot - without spending time twiddling settings.

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