The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Re: Speaking of the high cost of the SD1

I did a weekend introduction to sailing course last year. Bob, the skipper, liked to talk about some of his previous clients. One of them was a high end watch salesman.  Apparently, sales improve if you increase the price and drop off if you reduce the price - such is the mentality of potential customers.

Bob and I agreed that it wouldn't work with us as a sales tactic, as (for us), a watch is a machine for telling the time not impressing your peers. As the cheapest watches tell the time nearly as well as an atomic clock and are often extremely solidly made, anything more expensive just seems like gaudy bling.

The weird thing is, the more expensive designs are also often the ugliest! I like discreet and minimalist.  To my eyes, this £19.99 job from the catalogue store Argos seems just about perfect

It's also important for me that they're cheap because I lose them all the time. I have a habit of taking them off whenever sat down and fiddling with the strap (kind of a nervous tic).  Probably explains why I haven't worn a watch more than a couple of times in the last two years!

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