FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

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Re: FZ200 at the Farm Shop - 4 pics - and settings (Oh no, not settings . . . )

Ronomy wrote:

Hi Mike,

I think everyone is bored with our quest for the Holy Grail settings with this camera!  LOL

Well, there are still 6 people, if I include me, on the Planet who will still hit the keyboard on this subject! 

I am still with you.  I will use these settings with brightly lit images but will probably use NR-1, SH-2 with ires on in lower light when shutter speeds drop below 1/125.

I agree, but for people who want to leave one set of settings in place,  . . . . ?

The differences we are talking about may not be big enough for most people to worry about, they tend to be more visible at 60%-100% view, and not too many people go there?

Re shutter speed, pic 2 was 200 ISO, 1/60 sec, pic 3 was 400 ISO, 1/30 sec, and I would not bother to PP either of them, but that's just me I guess.

As light levels drop the images get grainy and lowering sharpness helps reduce grain.  Also the lower light images need more noise reduction too.  I tend to see more noise when using full 600mm zoom so will probably use the Nr-1, SH-2 settings for my long zoom images. http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/51288573   For wide field scenery images in sunlight using ISO 100-200 I will use IRES off, NR -2 and SH -1 which yield the lowest level of smudging.  I have these settings all stored in my custom settings so I can easily change between them.

I'm with you, except that on the distant trees, mud and stones you showed me, iRes Off gave clearly lower edge sharpnesses.

As I said, I might go iRes Off where interesting, detailed surfaces like old stonework are more important than edge sharpness.

And Vivid when all is drab and I feel like it!

Aw shucks, this is becoming a discussion on The Holy Settings, again . . . 


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