Sensor size Panasonic HC-X900 vs HC-X920

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Sean Nelson
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Re: Sensor size Panasonic HC-X900 vs HC-X920

Noirist wrote:

I gave the arguments above. It's not physically possible for Panasonic to increase the sensor size from 1/4" to 1/2.3" without also greatly changing the optics and the body.

You're responding as if you haven't actually read any of the previous posts.   They can use a larger sensor without changing the optics if they're only using the central portion of the larger sensor, as they may do if their aim is to increase the range of digital image stabilization by providing a greater compensation margin at the edge of the sensor.  This would mean that image quality at the edges of the frame would suffer during large excursions of the sensor stabilization mechanism, but it may be a reasonable trade-off for a more stable image.   It may even be that the optical stabilizer design extends the image circle at that edge of the frame when it moves the optical element to compensate.   At any rate, the videographer could choose his poison by turning stabilization, both optical and digital, on or off.

There's simply no way for them to fit three 1/2.3" sensors in the X920 with the same optics, prism, and OIS. Larger sensors are more expensive - quadrupling the sensor size would lower the yield and more than quadruple the price.

If you look at my previous posts in this thread you'll see that I said exactly the same thing.

Believe what you want, but I'm confident that the X920 behaves as if it has the same 1/4.7" BSI sensors as the AC-90.

Aside from any potential stabilization improvements, I agree - but that doesn't mean the actual sensor isn't larger.

I'm perfectly willing to admit that you're correct if you or someone else can show me more substantive evidence, but until they do I'll believe what Panasonic is saying.

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