Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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Re: Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

draleks wrote:

slimandy wrote:

You need to clarify the question a bit. Are you using them both on the same body?

I meant to use the FF lens on an FF body. Aslo, the body would match the lens in being of lower quality, perhaps due to being older tech. What I want is a point of comaprison between MFT and FF systems. Oly and Panasonic apparently want us to think that a 300mm MFT is basically the same as a 600mm FF. I think there might be some truth to it, but only if both the lens and the body are of a very superior quality

If you could achieve the same quality image with a small sensor everyone would use a small sensor camera. They say the 300mm lens is equivalent to 600mm on FF. This is an over simplification but one that is accepted as reasonable.

Bear in mind the focal length does not change. The difference comes from the size of the sensor, not the length of the lens. A 600mm lens is twice as long as a 300mm lens.

A 300mm f6.7 lens on MFT will give an equivalent field of view and depth of field as a 600mm f13 lens on FF.

I know. A shallow depth of field is not always desirable, so equivalent DOF is not necessarily relevant.

When you want more DOF you stop the lens down, but if you want less you need a faster lens. It is relevant quite often. It's a compromise we accept because we want to use a smaller system camera.

If you use a 600mm f6.7 lens on MFT it will give you the equivalent of 1200mm f13 on FF.

If you are using a 600mm f6.7 on FF and want to replicate it on MFT you will need a 300mm f3.5.

A 300mm f3.5 would be great, yes


It would be nice maybe, but it defeats the object of the exercise.

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