Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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Re: Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

GeorgianBay1939 wrote:

GOLLYWOP'S ARTICLE  is a good start to help new photographers get a clear understanding of Exposure Vs Brightening.  Unfortunately many folks still believe in the Exposure Triangle and the software houses will continue to mislabel their sliders.

I really don't mind that, honestly.  Of course, traditionally, one referred to the exposure of the film.  And if you changed to a film of different sensitivity, you had to change the exposure.

But traditionally, you had to physically change the film to change sensitivity.  Now that this is a parameter that is easily adjusted in camera, why not consider it part of what determines exposure?

Of course, this changes the meaning of "exposure", to where we are now talking about the "exposure" of an image, not a film.  And this is somewhat divorced from the original meaning, which was how much the film was "exposed" to light. And maybe it would be better to talk instead of image "brightness".  Or to have those software sliders go in the other direction (meaning you can't change the exposure, but you can tell the software how much it was over or under exposed; so as you lower it, the image gets brighter).

But meanings of words do change over time, when there are practical reasons.  And I don't mind people talking about exposure of an image, as long as it is clear what we are talking about.  We all the time rountinely say whether an image is "over-exposed" or "under-exposed" when we are really talking about the brightness of the image.

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