Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

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Re: Feedback requested. Warning: pictures of kids.

Again, thank you all for your comments.  I appreciate them all.

You've got me thinking about composition, determined to improve my focussing skills and rethinking my use (or overuse) of the narrow DOF this new lens offers.

If you're curious about why I would post and subject myself to criticism or even ridicule it was because I think one can learn from feedback and I'd like to get better.  In my experience, art created in a vacuum is rarely the best.  I think learning skills of any craft is important.  Your pointing out the focus problems for example has helped me identify a weak point in my basic skills.

I think it's important to learn the rules of the field too - like composition.  Of course, slavish adherence to the rules can make one's work a little flat and predictable.  It's fun for me to learn the rules and to develop my own judgment about when to follow the rules and when to break them.  Reading your thoughts on these pictures has given me lots to think about and helped me in the process of developing that judgment.

Many of you commented on the etiquette of this forum.  Made me think of writing workshops.  My wife is a writer and writers do workshops where they critique each other's work.  They tend to avoid absolute and harsh comments and soften things a little.  There is a generally accepted manner that these workshops function.  For example, they might say "this story didn't work for me because."  They would avoid saying, "You suck." If the writer has some really serious and basic problems, they might say "the spelling and grammar problems" got in the way of the narrative. They try to find something positive to say if they can.  Of course, they're all in the same room and people tend to treat each other with a little more kindness when they're in the same room.



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