New Lowepro bag - Photo Sport Pro 30L AW ?

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Re: New Lowepro bag - Photo Sport Pro 30L AW ?

Ken Gosden wrote:

Any tripod mounting?  I have not found any images of the non-camera access side, so is there a pocket and strap there?

Yes.  Does double duty as a water pocket if you want. Same carry system as the 200AW.  Check out BHPhoto's large image list for the "left-side view".  Note that since this is a swing-to-front style bag, putting the tripod on the opposite side keeps the tripod out of the way during that operation. Unfortunately it can imbalance the bag...but strapping the tripod on the center back puts a lot of weight too far away from the back and tires the shoulders, unless you have a serious hipbelt and a tall enough pack to be able to keep the load high.

Incidentally, you can potentially use this bag without swinging to the front, sort of as a reach-back holster, because the opening is large enough and the door opens away from the body. You just don't zip up the opening all the way around.  Make sure you've tethered the camera body to your shoulder strap, though.  I've tried this with some other packs, and it's a nice option that avoids fussing with unsnapping the harness, as long as you can keep the other stuff in the compartment from falling out.

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