The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Re: What choice do you have?

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If you want a modern DSLR with a Foveon sensor then you have absolutely no other option.

This is a unique product, and as such can command whatever the traffic will bear. Sigma tried to sell them for $8,000 but even the Foveon Cult fanatics wouldn't pay that price. They slashed 75% off the price, and there is still some price resistance.

Of course not.  Sigma is obviously sailing under the ridiculous assumption that with the SD1M they have a pro level camera on their hands, but they totally fail to give it the high specs that pros need, and indeed expect, these days given the excellent pro camera offerings they can already get from Nikon or Canon.  And what is even worse, Sigma cannot, and does not, offer the slightest form of pro support whatsoever!  Only a pro who is a complete and utter imbecile would consider buying one!!

Why do you think it's ok to call people here "imbeciles", Alf? Does it somehow make you feel better - or do you just feel a need to belittle others?

I'm simply stating facts...The vast majority of pros would have to be completely "camera gaga" to switch from Canon or Nikon to the SD1M...Its never going to happen!

You are not stating facts, Alf. You're stating opinions. There are pros here on this very forum that use Sigma gear professionally - mainly to supplement their main gear - but they do use them for aspects of their work. I use Sigma gear for portraits, specific wedding shots, products and real estate. And I now use Sigma gear exclusively.

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