D800 w/Sigma Bigma 50-500mm Lens Question

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Re: D800 w/Sigma Bigma 50-500mm Lens Question

Al Giordano wrote:

Congrats on the new Lens Purchase....I'm thinking about this lens myself; I have a 24-120 and I think I want the 50-500 or the 80-400.  I had the 70-200, but It seemed redundant to the 24-120.

How do you like the 50-500 on the D800 ?  Can you post some pics?



From my amateur's point of view, it's great!  For a while I really wanted the new 80-400.  Then I decided I would be better off investing in the 70-200 VRII because it would work better indoors.  Then I got to thinking that if I bought the 70-200, I'd always wonder what I'd be missing by not having the range of the Bigma, plus the lower cost will allow me a couple more other goodies.  I've only had the Bigma 3 days.  I'm pleased to find that inside my home with high ISO and large aperture settings I can get some pretty nice pictures, even without a tripod.  I got some hand held bird pictures that I'm pretty happy with.  The only negative point I can think of is the 4.33 lbs. the lens weighs.  After shooting outside for about an hour and 250 shots, I was ready to give my arm some rest.

I've never posted a picture as a photographer; but, here is one I took today that I'm pretty happy with.  The robin was about 70' away on a tree limb.

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