D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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12% difference...

alx357 wrote:

IF you ever used a flash outdoors at any considerable distance, like lighting a large group at an outdoor wedding, you would then understand the difference a third-stop makes, either in flash range,

A whopping 12%. Unlike the psychosis last month, that's actually how you use the inverse square law.

or depth of field, or shutter speed, however you are pressed.

You described fill-flash situations. I doubt you'd see the 1/3 stop difference in two shots, side by side.

1/250 is pressing the lower limits already, and I have found that the Nikons that are listed at 1/250 actually sync at 1/320, ( not with the bogus fast-sync feature ) but with a NON-DEDICATED flash, plugged into the Prontor-Compur connection of an AS-15 on the hot-shoe.  And for usable fill-flash with daylight ambient, you can use 1/400 sec, since the "shutter shadow" will only occur at a small strip at the top of the frame, not on the subjects, and be lit by the ambient daylight anyway.

Notwithstanding Ken's judgement that 1/3 stop is insignificant, real-world usage shows it is important.

You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.

It is the one flaw in the D600, and the D90, that keep these cameras in a lower category.

If it's a "flaw" that "keeps" it in a "category" outside of professional use like "lighting a large group at an outdoor wedding" then it's not a flaw, at all, because Nikon has 3 other cameras in the line, d4, d800, and d7100, that don't have that limit. It's not a "flaw" if every single camera in the whole line isn't targeted at working pros.

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yes, most everything is in lower case. i'm mildly arthritic and seldom use my pinkies when i type.

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