My first Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm portrait.

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Antonio, some words on DOF

Pedagydusz wrote:

That is a very good - very good - candid/portrait! It also is an example of how you can get a portrait with 17.5 mm in MFT without any of the slight facial distortions due to close perspective.

Thank you.

The distortion is present in this image: the outstretched hand of Jeannot, gesticulating while he speaks of life in the circus and in general, is clearly bigger than it actually is (also OOF because focus was on the face and DOF just about covered the face from front to back).

But that is something we can live with.

I had the camera almost level to his face and at as much distance as the cramped space of a tiny camper allows.

There is even (relatively) a shallow DoF to please the religious crowd!  

I played with that DOF some more in other shots, where I focused (in the mirror) on his B&W portrait on the wall opposite the mirror, and it threw his actual face and the back of his head out of focus.  Not a bad effect, but less of a portrait.

Excellent, thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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