Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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olliess wrote:

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

Can you imagine if digital existed before film and film cameras were intoduced now, and the first film camera, let's call it, the Nikon Dino, were introduced today?

Can you imagine if Illustrator existed before paintbrushes? Smearing oily blobs onto panels of cloth...using bundles of animal hair?!? Could such a process survive in the Internet Age?

It can survive because it's still a lot more natural and man hasn't perfected the Wacom tablet to perfectly emulate natural materials, or simply traditional materials, nor have screens been made with the right resolution and texture of the 'real thing', nor compete on low cost to entry of traditional tools.

Beyond the low cost of entry of traditional tools, it can become expensive to have more and more and more brushes and paints and canvas and so on, in which case the artist may be keen on investing in a fast computer, a Wacom tablet and a software program like Painter.

No, he will still not perfectly emulate traditional tools, but it gives the artist a lot of freedom to play with emulated natural tools, regardless.

In other words, digital art sure offers lots of benefits (Corel Painter, Photoshop, etc) but it's still doesn't come close to matching the real thing (IF you want the real thing), but it sure makes it easy to emulate a LOT of artist tools relatively cheaply and easily if you have the infrastructure to support it (power, computer, etc).

Just like the pencil and pen haven't been replaced by computers entirely; there is a place for them where and when others can't or won't work as naturally or as cheaply or as efficiently. And there is a place for film.

But I think it film came after digital, many of the same folk who are in love with the 'process' or 'results' here would be the very ones wondering why it's needed. That's why I bring up the Nikon Dino.

And I don't consider it a 'lowest common denominator' made out of cheap and abundant materials, like some artist tools can (animal hair, wood, canvas, etc)

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