D7100 substantially better AF than D7000??

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Re: D7100 substantially better AF than D7000??

anotherMike wrote:

I'm only one data point, but when I had a D7000 as my backup cam, it struggled to achieve consistent focus in the studio under reasonably decent modelling lights. That was simply inexcusable. I've owned D100, D70, D2X, D80, D90, D300, and D700 bodies and none of those ever gave me anywhere the issues that the D7000 did. Same studio, same lights, same modelling lights. Outdoors the D7000 was fine. So I sold the D7000. I shoot a D800E primarily and still have a D700 around, and recently picked up the D7100. In the same studio, same lights, same modelling lights, same type of subject matter and distance, the D7100 has never struggled anywhere like my D7000 did. I personally think the better AF system is enough reason alone to upgrade, even beyond the better sensor and extra resolution.

Disclosure: I had an early D7000 from the first production runs. Perhaps they changed something later and others might have not had the same issue. For a while I tracked what other colleagues who owned the camera were experiencing (all early bodies) and all of them had the same struggles. All of us moved on from that body, so I can't say for certainty whether bodies suffered the same problems.


I have an early production D7000 bought in November 2010 and I only found some inconsistent focusing in AF-A mode, so I stopped using it. In AF-S or AF-C my D7000 AF is very consistent and accurate, even in lower light. I find the D7000 focus is more reliable than my D5100, which I believe has the same focus module as the D90, so for whatever reason, my experience with the D7000 AF is different from yours. It is curious that there is somuch apparent disparity in experience with the D7000 auto focusing module and also interesting that Nikon put the same AF module in two other DSLR bodies (D600, D5200), which do not appear to have nearly as many AF complaints as the D7000. Why the difference? That's anybody's guess.

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