D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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"The D600 needs to have" what?

NikonMike wrote:

This makes sense.

In what world?

The D600 needs to have at least the same specs as the D7100, but with an FX sensor.

All the Nikon product planners and marketers have joined this thread.

Why does the d600 "need" such a thing? Canon built the 5d on the 20d chassis. Then they built the 30d and the 40d, but built the 5d ii on the 20d chassis again, and it outsold the original 5d by a factor of 6.

Then they built the 50d and the 60d, and built the 5d iii on the 20d chassis again, adding only minor tweeks, not even bringing it up to the 30d level, and it's doing quite well.

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