D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re: D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

Josh152 wrote:

NikonMike wrote:

This makes sense.  The D600 needs to have at least the same specs as the D7100, but with an FX sensor.

With the same specs as the D7100 the D600 would just be a 24 mp D800 for $1000 less.

No, it would not.

The D800 has a better finder, AF system, and a better shutter (rated for more operations, and with a faster sync speed).

Needless to say almost no one would buy a D800 if such a camera existed.

You have some market research to support that absurd claim? Because the D7100 body doesn't represent that much of an increment over D7000. The sweet cream filling is all electronics.

The Nikon line is  not meant to be a continuous line from the D3200 to the D4 getting better each model up.   It is actually two distinct lines, an FX line and a DX line.   D600 is basically a combination of a D5200 and a D7100 with an FX sensor.

It's basically a D7000 with an FX sensor. No sign of D5200.

It is meant to be the bottom end of the FX line and is spec'd accordingly.

At last, somethign right.

On the other hand the D7100 is meant to be the top end model for the DX line

You are a product planner at Nikon, too?

How do you know there isn't a D400 or D9000 coming out next week?

so it gets all the features the top end models get like 1/250 sync speed, 1/8000 top shutter speed,

That's not hard to do on a DX camera, where you have a 33% smaller, 60% lighter shutter.

51 point AF, ect.

That's getting to be across the board.

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