Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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Re: Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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There is a lot of talk about comparing lenses for MFT with APS or full format lenses. So I want to check if the following comparison is correct. If I have an MFT 300 mm f/6.7 lens, and a full format 600mm f/6.7 lens that is of a worse manufacturing quality and just happens to be twice as soft as the MFT lens. Then, on equal ISO values, those two lenses will be an exact match. Right?

Firstly, let me remove all the BS:

You have MFT 6.7/300 attached to MFT camera, and you have FF 6.7/600 attached to FF camera. Now, you're taking shot from the same spot with both cameras.

1. you will get the same FOV

2. If you set the same F stop and shutter speed, you will get the same IOS.

what do you mean by IOS ?  Illumination of the scene ?

Under IOS I mean ISO, or something like that . It use to called "film sensitivity". I suspect ISO stands for International Standards Organization that maybe a branch of UN

3. If F stops are the same, DOF will be 4 times deeper on M43

No it will only be twice deeper check at DOFmaster.com if you are in doubts.

Maybe you're right. I do not use calculators, so I can forget some math. Anyway, M43 has deeper DOF, and it makes me proud.

Stop Ballsh^tting and begin to learn things you do not know.

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