Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

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Re: Equivalent focal length for MFT lenses

KenBalbari wrote:

rrr_hhh wrote:

As for the rest, I hate these equivalence debates and won't go further. You have been caught of guard stating that the F stands for focal length while it isn't and you are now trying to rationalize this, using the term aperture in a way most photographers won't use it, unless they are into optics and lens design. Just admit you have goofed with that minor thing,  like I admitted myself above.

But all I was saying is that the f in f/6.7 stands for focal length.  That is correct.

Ken, please stop it.You're doing a great disservice to those whom you wnt to support.

F/5.7 is not a focal lens, it is aperture.

Nobody here thinks that aperture is a diameter of the opening in iris (please wikipedia this word for yourself- iris).

Stop Ballsh^tting and begin to learn things you do not know.

Again - aperture is F-stop, not a diameter. This hole will be 2 times less in diameter on M43 lens, than on FF lens to keep F-stop aka aperture the same

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