Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: Luttmann!

MiraShootsNikon wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Mahmoud Mousef wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

Interesting comments on high cost.  Can you point out where I can get a FF digital camera for $100?  Maybe I missed where you can pick up a camera with a good 60 to 70 mp of resolution and 14-17 stops of DR for $600....I have apparently missed it.

Can you imagine omitting processing costs in your cost analysis?

Can you imagine front loading your processing costs to get a FF camera.  If someone shoots a roll a week...and believe it or not, the average person snaps less photos than amounts to between 400 and 500 dollars a year.  Now FF bodies go for in excess of 2000.... So that's 5 years of use paid for up front.  Then after 5 years....guess what spend more to upgrade.....and it starts all over again.

As a professional shooter, my film costs me nothing....I just add it to the costs of the packages. simply don't understand the to move on.

I haven't taken any offense at your it is hard to see anything but humor in your rather limited and narrow vision of everything that involves photography.

Thank you.

You're welcome

Dave Luttman, you elitist pig!

Mahmoud, man of the masses, has outed us as the decadent capitalist patronizers film-shooters really are--the jig is up.

Because the voice of "the masses," comrade, is about shooting D800s and 2.8 zooms, not about rolling a few rolls through your F100 from 1999.   Or your FA from 1979.

What's more, the masses clearly can't walk into the photo labs you and I use.   Why they can't . . . I'm not exactly sure.  But they just can't!!!

So, you're just going to have to put up and shut up with your champagne-and-caviar name-tossing lifestyle, and let the "masses" with their full frame DSLRs tell you how it really is.   Because, let me emphasize again, nothing says "voice of the masses" like an FX DSLR.  Or a four-figure DX DLSR.  Or a three-figure DSLR.   You get the gist.


Is it OK if I have red wine and still use my RB67 and do the odd Tintype or Ambrotype?  I'm looking to buy a Rollie SL66 and Schneider 125mm f2 that ok still, or should I use my D800 so the image looks like everyone else's?   

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